Three Republicans have filed to run for the vacant District 6 seat on Aiken County Council.

Filing closed at noon Monday, and the three who submitted their intentions of candidacy are Lynette Barton, John McMichael and Phil Napier.

At this time, it appears there are no Democratic candidates for the seat.

The Chandler Law Firm, where Democratic candidates were asked to file, reported Monday that no one had filed at the office by the deadline.

McMichael is a business development officer with Hutson Etherredge Companies, Barton is the operator of Barton Radiator and Electrical Service and Napier owns Napier Hardware in Graniteville.

Barton is the wife of Charles Barton, the former District 6 representative. Napier is a former Council member, having served from 1999 to 2002.

Charles Barton resigned from Council recently with approximately two years left to his term.

Charles Barton was elected Aiken County auditor on Nov. 6 and was appointed recently to fill the unexpired term of retired auditor Cyrus Spradley.

The primaries will be held on Feb. 5. A runoff, if necessary, will be held on Feb. 19.

The special election will be held on March 26.