Thanks Singer for hard work

Too often, many of us are quick to complain when others in life donít meet our expectations, but are slow to acknowledge when someone exceeds them. Itís human nature. With that in mind, I wanted to take an opportunity to ensure something at a recent Aiken County Council meeting doesnít go unnoticed.

For the past few weeks, residents in my community have been working through the details of a possible rezoning effort aimed at protecting property values, quality of life, and overall aesthetics in our quiet rural community. While a large majority of community residents is in favor of the proposal, one aspect of the rezoning would be impactive to a handful of residents.

During the associated public hearing, one of our Aiken County Council members, I feel, went above and beyond. After listening to concerns, Scott Singer suggested that while a large majority of the community was in favor of the rezoning and, for that reason, he supported it, he believes there is a way to produce a result that would benefit all parties involved. The fact of the matter is, Singer doesnít have to find a solution that benefits everyone involved. With a large majority of his constituents favoring one side and support of fellow Council members, he could have simply pressed forward with the proposal.

But thatís not what he did. Instead, Singer handled the situation with care and is now attempting to guide our community through the issue and accommodate all concerned parties. Hopefully, he will be successful in this endeavor and provide an example of the way things should be done in local government. One thing I know: If he isnít able to do so, it certainly wonít be for a lack of trying or willingness to do whatís right for his constituents.

Jacob Savage