Dear Scott: The girl that does my hair stood me up today, and I am so mad at her I am writing to you and hope you put it in the paper. I made plans and planned my whole day around my hair, and when I went, she wasn’t there and everyone else was busy and wouldn’t do my hair. She didn’t call me, and nobody did. I have been going to her for a long time, and I will never go back. I hate it when people think my time isn’t important, and I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Are you taking new customers?

Answer: I always have room for new clients, but I can’t guarantee that something similar will not happen with me. Anytime a human being is involved, an error can be made. Even a computer can crash now and then.

A messed-up hair appointment seems to provoke a road-rage type of reaction from most people. This is the reason that our industry manages to stay lucrative even in the worst of economic times. Hair is that important.

Think of your head as the planet Earth sitting on top of your body. Like land mass to water ratio, your hair roughly covers two-thirds of the surface of the planet. When your hair looks bad, the entire planet is compromised.

First, let’s make sure the stylist isn’t dead or in the hospital. Second, you might want to double check to make sure you didn’t write the appointment down wrong. Third, please call the girl and let her know there’s been a mistake. She may be completely unaware of the mix up.

Appointment errors are one of the foremost reasons a client leaves a stylist. It would be a shame to change stylists over something like this. Anyone can make a mistake booking an appointment, even you.

You don’t say if the salon has a receptionist available to call clients in case of emergency. But even a good front desk can make a mistake rescheduling appointments for a stylist. Voice mails and cell phones are not the most reliable of devices.

Many stylists book their own appointments. Even though a stylist may do their best to call everyone in an emergency, mistakes can still be made. When a stylist gets sick, calling everyone on the book can get a little tricky while they are throwing up.

Appointments are important. People make arrangements and are disappointed when things don’t go as planned. Even if it’s dinner with a friend, no one wants to be left hanging. But this is planet Earth, were things go wrong. People make mistakes. And kindness matters.

The only solution I can offer is to try a hair-cutting establishment that takes walk-ins. You may not like your hair, but you will never be disappointed by a missed appointment again.

Side note: Coincidence or jinx, I missed a day of work after writing this column. One of the reasons I stay in Aiken is the compassion people have in this town. Thank you everyone for being so understanding when it matters the most.

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