According to Democrats, the Republican's loss in November apparently means that the Republican party needs to rebrand itself and begin reaching out to groups of Americans, namely women, Hispanics and blacks. Republicans need to be more inclusive, according to the left, if they want to ever be the majority party again.

Well now, what does that mean for Republicans, moderate or very conservative? Do they cave on their basic principles? Do they adopt some Democratic principles and move to the left no matter how unwilllingly?

Perhaps Republicans need to tone down rhetoric which might seem a bit harsh on sensitive issues pertaining to immigration or social concerns. However, I cannot understand why any Republican, politician or ordinary citizen, should have to back down from logical positions regarding taxes, immigration solutions, government assistance or entitlement programs.

Our government – federal, state, county and city – works for all Americans, and to think we have to adjust conservative ideas and priorities to pander to special interest groups is absurd. There is so much negative division already that Republicans should not capitulate just to please certain groups. Affirmative action laws were divisive enough; now is the time for the GOP to make clear its values and solutions to thorny problems and hope that Americans realize that it is a welcoming party with a big tent attitude.

Pat Kirk