New Ellenton should have a Redbox. Right now, you have to go all the way to Aiken to use Redbox.


In response to Travis Sawchik's column, what really went right for Clemson was an easy season. Opponents collectively had a losing record. Clemson only won against two teams with winning records, and had no wins against any team that ended up ranked at all. It's easy to have a 10-2 season and set many offensive records with a schedule like that.

Dear Abby

I am a senior male who's been reading Dear Abby since he was a teenager. I think the current writer is even better than her mother. Her column is a finger on the pulse of America. Miss Manners is for 12-year-old girls.

Thanks for Pitts

Thank you so much for printing Leonard Pitts' articles in your Opinion section. He is insightful and provides thought-provoking material for the simple minded.

Nose blowing

Can someone tell me why it is that people blow their nose in restaurants while others are eating? Can't you go to the restroom so my meal is not ruined by this disgusting thing you insist on doing in public? And this runs the spectrum of both sexes, all ages and from people in all income brackets. It is not exclusive of one type of person.


The rolling roadblocks on Highway 19 South are out of control. Slower traffic should keep right. Read the signs, and use common sense. More people use the left lane than the right. These drivers are a real hazard to traffic flow.

Roadside debris

Residents of Aiken County should be embarrassed by the debris on the roadside. We need to take pride in our environment and clean up the beer bottles, liquor bottles and other debris people throw on the highway. Sadly, the public has to clean up their mess. Everyone should take the time to pick up after themselves.


The bypass should have been a four-lane highway at the time it was built, and it should have been restricted so none of this building occurred. It was built so people wouldn't have to drive through town to get to the Northside.

Let's do something

Our electronic social network seems very capable of rousing thousands, if not millions, of activists to flood a movie showing, support gay rights, boycott a product and the list never ends. Yet, we do not seem able to raise a squeak to force a nationwide vote on term limits. One must ask, “Where are our values? Does anyone out there really care or do we just complain?” This would have been, in recent years, a sure way to bring the fiscal cliff to a bipartisan agreement. Let's do something.