These are the school menus for Aiken and Edgefield counties for Dec. 17-21.

Aiken County


Monday – cheesy grits, orange juice or cereal w/toast or sunrise stick, orange juice, milk

Tuesday – banana muffin, apple juice or chicken biscuit or cinnamon pancakes, apple juice, milk

Wednesday – breakfast pizza, grape juice or sausage biscuit or breakfast pizza, grape juice, milk

Thursday – blueberry muffin, apple-cranberry juice or blueberry pancakes or steak biscuit, apple juice, milk

Friday – blueberry muffin, orange juice or cereal w/biscuit or sausage biscuit, graphe juice juice, milk


Monday – fish sticks or entree salad w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, potato rounds, broccoli, pear, Rock’n Blue Raspberry applesauce or chicken fillet on bun or grilled quesadilla, sweet potato puffs, green beans, peaches, orange wedges, milk

Tuesday – chicken breast fillet w/bun or entree salad w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, maple baked beans, diced carrots, fresh orange, peach cup or hamburger on bun or barbecue on bun, pinto beans, steamed broccoli, strawberry cup, apple juice, milk

Wednesday – spaghetti w/meat sauce or entree salad w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, garden peas, corn, apple, mixed fruit cup or sweet and sour meatballs, Fiestada pizza, glazed carrots, cauliflower w/dip, sliced pears, orange wedges, dinner rolls, milk

Thursday – chicken nuggets or entree salad w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, garden vegetables, green beans, banana, pineapple cup or barbecued chicken or taco boat w/salsa, oven potatoes, pinto beans, apple wedges, fruit mix

Friday – pepperoni pizza or entree salad w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, carrots, pear, applesauce or pizza or chicken tenders, dinner rolls, baked sweet potato, baked okra/cauliflower, applesauce, grape juice, broccoli, Romaine salad, applesauce, banana, milk

Alternative offerings for middle and high schools are in bold type.

Edgefield County


Monday – steak biscuit, mustard, grape juice, milk

Tuesday – pancake pups, male syrup, orange juice, milk

Wednesday – assorted cereal, buttered toast, jelly, juice, milk

Thursday – cheese toast, apple juice, milk

Friday – breakfast pizza, juice, milk


Monday – chicken rings, green beans, candied yams, fruit, fruit juice, milk

Tuesday – grilled ham and cheese, corn, broccoli cup w/dip, frosty sherbet, fruit juice, milk

Wednesday – cheese pizza, spinach salad, diced peaches, fruit juice, chocolate chip cookie, milk

Thursday – sloppy joe on a bun, baked beans, veggie cup w/dressing, fruit, fruit juice, milk

Friday – No lunch. Half day.