Tell Congress what you want

I think we all need to write our Congressmen to let them know what we expect from them in the immediate future.

If you want to stick to what wasn’t working before the election, you will, if you’re Republican, tell them to insist on no new taxes for the upper crust and that all deficit reduction should be accomplished by eliminating waste and decreasing spending.

If you’re a Democrat, you’ll tell them to tax the rich and corporations and leave you and your benefits alone.

And, if you think that will work, you’ve been drinking too much of Bill O’Reilly’s Kool-aid.

Since the leadership of both organizations currently is officially sticking to their guns, we already know that won’t work. Because of that, my recommendation to Lindsay Graham, Jim DeMint (leaving in January,) Jeff Duncan and Joe Wilson follows:

1. Tax all of us. We all are responsible for your past sloppiness with our money, so we all should pay. How about a 1 percent increase for all persons making less than $225,000 a year and a 2.5 percent increase for those blessed with the higher income levels.

2. Tax corporations appropriately with a specified minimum percentage of gross receipts. No free rides here.

3. If there are any obvious ways to reduce spending, make them now. By obvious, I mean spending that would not impact our health, safety or environment, such as requiring Congress to comply with all rules it has saddled the rest of us with.

All other reductions should be left to the new Congress, with instructions that they act within the first 6 months of being sworn in.

If everyone reading this sends their desires today, Congress will get the message.

Stephen V. Geddes