Faddish laws don’t change reality

So, the Supreme Court will rule on homosexual marriage. But the Supreme Court of the Universe already has.

There is a difference between the worth of souls and the worth of behaviors. We are all God’s children and of equal worth to him. Hence, his desire for our happiness and salvation is equal for all. To receive the blessings God desires for us, we must obey his commandments – commandments designed to make us more Christ-like and bring us and mankind happiness, peace and prosperity.

However, God grants freedom to choose our behaviors. Not all behaviors are of equal worth in bringing the blessings of heaven. Behaviors that obey his commandments do, but behaviors that disobey his commandments don’t because they estrange us from God and are contrary to true eternal principles. Stealing is not equal to honesty. Adultery and fornication are not equal to chastity and virtue. Neither are homosexuality and every other sexual perversion equal to moral purity.

The civil right is the freedom of choice. But that does not guarantee equality of consequences. We cannot choose to do wrong and expect the same outcomes, blessings and happiness as those who choose to do right. Homosexual marriage, therefore, is not equal to heterosexual marriage. Neither is a heterosexual marriage that is filled with abusive behavior and extra marital affairs equal to a heterosexual marriage that is filled with integrity, love, faithfulness and service.

We cannot make them equal by passing laws based on faddish political correctness. Nor can we make them equal by forcing them upon us by activist courts whose agendas are the same faddish political correctness. And the court that really counts cannot continue to bless and protect this nation if we become godless and another Sodom and Gomorrah.

Dennis Taylor