Aikenite Fred Wright passed away at the age of 67 on Dec. 5. The sportsman and horseman will be remembered as someone who was civic minded, loved the community and had a great sense of humor.

Wright served as an Aiken Steeplechase Association board member for four decades and retired from the board a few years ago, said Howard Hickey, president of the Aiken Steeplechase Association.

“He really supported the Steeplechase,” said Hickey. “He was very active with the security side, making sure the traffic flow went smoothly. He was a fine man and will be missed by the Aiken Steeplechase Association and the community.”

As an athlete, Wright loved to compete, played polo and court tennis, was a member of the Aiken Polo Club and Aiken Tennis Club, and loved the Hitchcock Woods. It was Wright’s wit and wonderful sense of humor that made him unique, said Albert Bostwick, board member of the Aiken Steeplechase Association.

“He was a very close friend,” said Bostwick. “We used to play bottle pool. He’s one of those people that you can’t replace. He was one in a million.”

And even though Wright was suffering from congestive heart failure, he loved to exercise by walking in Hitchcock Woods, said Bostwick.

A gathering will be held Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at Memorial Gate in Hitchcock Woods where friends and family will hold a memorial walk.