Shoplifter attempts to steal $100 in meat

A shoplifter fled the scene on foot after hiding several packs of meat inside his jacket, then giving two of the packs back to a store manager, according to a Public Safety report.

The man reportedly walked up to the manager of the meat department at Bi-Lo on Pine Log Road and handed him two packs of steaks from inside his jacket. The manager tried to grab the suspect’s arm but the suspect slid his arms out of the jacket and took off running. The manager ran after the suspect but lost sight of him as he ran across Pine Log Road, according to the report. The suspect reportedly had several more packs of meat inside his jacket valued at about $98.

Home broken into, items, car missing

A Beech Island man reported on Monday that someone broke into his home and took several items before also taking his vehicle, according to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a report, the victim returned home from work to find the front door of his Pine Log Road home forced open. He reported several items missing, including a video game system, a television, a DVD player and rolled coins.

The victim also reported that his 2013 Toyota Corolla was missing, and that it appeared the burglars took the key to the vehicle from inside the home.