Customer service alive and well

I want to recognize James Hasse with Atlantic Broadband for coming out to Laurel Dr. SW Dec. 8 and cleaning up/rearranging some cable lines that were in need of work as a result of the several year-old project to transfer utility lines from old utility poles to new ones.

Hasse also found a broken cable wire that would have caused a problem in the future. AT&T and SCE&G workers been walking down all of the poles in my area of Kalmia Hills that need lines transferred so that old poles can be removed. Hasse came out the day) after AT&Tís project coordinator, Randy Taylor, notified Atlantic Broadband of cable lines needing to be transferred on several poles in my area.

I was impressed with Hasseís take-charge attitude, cooperative nature and skills in completing what had to be done. And my thanks to Taylor with AT&T, as well for coming out right away to look at remaining utility pole work and driving me around my neighborhood with him to survey and identify the poles that still needed work. This shows me that big companies like AT&T, SCE&G and Atlantic Broadband still pride themselves in providing small-town, downhome very responsive customer service.

Roger Brock