A fairly new tennis organization has formed in Aiken and a meeting will be held Thursday for the public to attend.

The Aiken Area Community Tennis Association formed over the summer after a group of enthusiasts noticed there was a need.

“This is a pretty big tennis community, and it has great facilities,” said Ric Schofield, president of the association. “We’re just trying to pull people together to help this thing come into fruition.”

The association is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the growth and enhancement of tennis in the Aiken area.

A board has been established with volunteers serving for two-year terms. They include Schofield as acting president, Jack Mills as vice president, David M. Snyder as treasurer, Carlene Clark as secretary and Christie Hines as the junior tennis committee chair.

Other individuals offering their assistance or expertise to the organization are Jeff Metz of Aiken City Parks and Recreation, Mark Calvert of the H. Odell Weeks Activities Center’s Tennis Complex, J.D. Mosteller who is a legal advisor and Rick Preston who is helping with membership development.

The meeting will be an introduction for residents to the new association. Goals and objectives for the upcoming year will also be discussed.

One of those goals is to establish a youth program, Schofield said.

The meeting will be held Thursday starting at 6:30 p.m. at Odell Weeks, 1700 Whiskey Road.