Eye exam

To the senior complaining about the print, I am in my 60s and have been wearing glasses since I was 6. I donít have a problem looking at it. Maybe thereís something wrong with your eyesight. Perhaps you need to have some cataracts removed or something.

Same God

The same families show up year after year for the free stuff are made by the same God.

Term limit

I think our problem is that we have congressmen in office who have been there longer than the president. Their limit should be eight years, as well. Maybe if we change that law, things will get done.

All humans

I would like to point out that all humans, regardless of race or gender, should be respected. Humans were created in Gods image. If you disrespect other people, you are disrespecting God.

Thank you

I would like to thank the gentleman who went to Aiken Elementary and took the time to bring Alexis Hooper some tabs and her picture from the newspaper.

Helping hand

I was in line at Publix and a gentleman heard me complaining about being laid off. He gave me $20, and I would just like to say thank you.

Traffic lights

Since we canít time the traffic lights properly or are ignoring the problem, a phone number for the camera system owner should be published so we can call them and have something done about it.

Highway 78

I wish someone would do a study on what happened to the widening of U.S. Highway 78 toward Charleston. They were looking to buy the right of way, but itís all died down. It would boost the economy and help if Charleston ever had to be evacuated.

Highway 78 was supposed to have been widened in 1997. I live in Montmorenci, and I have seen where the widening was to be. Highway 78 is a very traveled road and one of the main entrances into Aiken.

Follow China

Why donít we follow China and limit the people on welfare to one child?

Slow down

When someone rides your tail, slow down and let them go around you. If they want to ride your bumper at 15 miles an hour, let them.