How closed-minded. Kids have choices. A parent, or parents, can raise them right, and they still choose the wrong path. I've been a single parent of a 22-year-old young man since he was 5. He is not violent, graduating college and works in an honest profession. Kudos to all single parents; especially those widows and widowers who are not single by choice. 

Uniquely Aiken

You left out the best of the best uniquely Aiken gifts: “Yes, Barbara, There is an Aiken,” Marti Healy's newest book. It is a selection of Marti's columns, which were originally written for Aiken Standard. All are about people, pets and places in Aiken. The book also includes numerous original photographs and is available for $15.

Yellow lines

To the yellow lines TalkBack, it's pretty simple, if you answer three simple questions. Do you breathe air? Do you eat food? Do you go to the bathroom every day? Then you can get a job with SCDOT, and they'll give you cans of paint and have fun. Just try to get them as straight as you can.

A real tree

As pretty as Aiken is downtown with all the decorations and as abundant as all the tree farms are, why doesn't Aiken bring in a live tree instead of that old metal thing they drag in every year? That thing is atrocious. I don't get it.

Thank you, Travis

I'm in my 70s and had a flat tire. A young man named Travis with Masters Chevrolet renewed my faith in the younger generation. He took me to my car and tried to fix my flat. When he couldn't, he drove me all the way to my house in Graniteville. God bless, Travis.

Denture cleaner

Fingernail polish remover will remove super glue from your upper denture. However, I don't think it will remove the dentures. Perhaps you should try Dear Abby.

Certified teachers

Teacher certifications should be tough. Some teachers can barely read and don't speak correct English.

Death penalty

Many in S.C. thought the death penalty was off the table. What is the solicitor trying to prove in the Carter case? It isn’t going to bring back Scotty Richardson and only hurts our state.

Soda tabs

Alexis of Aiken Elementary has inspired me to save my soda tabs. I will be dropping them off at her school.