No need to blow your budget! Here are 10 wallet-friendly wedding ideas.

1. Create an altar backdrop

For a subtle infusion of personality, create a custom backdrop for your altar. Ribbons, patchwork quilts, or swaths of fabric all make lovely, inexpensive options.

2. Set up a beverage table

As guests arrive at the ceremony, have a table set up with pitchers of iced tea, lemonade, or even just ice water with slices of cucumber for everyone to enjoy while they wait for the ceremony to start.

3. Use creative materials for your arch

Construct yours out of anything from hockey sticks to scrap metal.

4. Try nontraditional seating

Draw inspiration from Shakespeare’s theater in the round and seat guests in a circle around the altar. Everyone will have a great seat, and you’ll feel surrounded by love.

5. Rethink your altar space

Create your own wedding altar by using an end table with a pretty antique tablecloth and a few simple flower arrangements.

6. Use an oversized banner

Make a statement: An oversized monogram banner will let guests know they’re in the right place and create a great backdrop for photos.

7. Make handkerchief programs

Turn your ceremony programs into sentimental favors by having them silk-screened onto vintage handkerchiefs.

8. Line the aisle with flowers, terrarium-style

A fun way to dress up the aisle: Simply put a smaller vase filled with water for the flowers inside of a larger vase weighed down with sand, pebbles or coffee beans.

9. Point the way with DIY signs

Cute handmade signs are an easy, budget-friendly way to direct guests along the way.

10. Deck out the chairs

A few ribbon or fabric garlands will take simple ceremony chairs to the next level. For guests of honor (like immediate family), make simple “reserved” signs to hang on their chairs.