Children’s event a labor of love

I had the honor and privilege today to volunteer for the Center of the Arts at the Child Shop, an annual event organized by the Sand River Woman’ Club.

Tommie Culligan and her helpers did an absolute outstanding job to enable children to “buy” presents for their siblings, parents and grandparents. Each child had earned a small amount of money. They had a list of whom to buy for and each child was provided with a volunteer to pick out the gifts: the highest price tag was 50 cents.

The tables were beautifully decorated and loaded with donated things. The Center for the Arts provided a crafts room, where the children could make a Rudolph or decorate a bracelet or a picture frame. The purchased gifts were all wrapped in Christmas paper, so when the children left, they looked very happy and they were holding on to their acquired goods.

The labor of love going into this event is incredible and should be mentioned.

It also should be mentioned, that some moms will get a football for Christmas, the little boys shopping for them thought that Mom definitely needed one.

Ulla Ringle