Perhaps there would have been more voting machines for North Augusta if there were money in the budget. There would have been money had every county employee not received $400 bonus checks.


There’s a lot of Facebook fraud. I don’t want to be a part of it, but someone has put my name in. I don’t believe in Facebook.


I’m sick of hearing about the nomination of Susan Rice for Secretary of State. The Republicans want everything to go their way.

No Abby

I agree that Dear Abby should be discontinued and replaced by a more competent advice column. Her answers lack knowledge and insight.

No aid

You never hear anything about cutting foreign aid. Why do we send billions overseas when people in our own country need our help.

Bad review

I disagree with Dr. Beth Everitt’s glowing review. She plays musical chairs with principals, and the test scores haven’t gone up.


Alexis of Aiken Elementary has inspired me to save my soda tabs. I will be dropping them off at her school.


The new bypass from Citizens Park toward Highway 1 was only allowed if nothing was built on either side.


Hitchcock Parkway was built back in the ’70s, not to bypass traffic but to bypass Hitchcock Woods and connect Houndslake and other Southside developments to downtown. Developer Robert Penland said many times people thought he was crazy to push for a road in the middle of nowhere. People who bought houses then did not expect a four-lane expressway a few feet from the back door.

Darker type

I agree that the print in the paper is hard to read. Maybe more ink should be used. I noticed that papers in other cities are darker and easier to read. Seniors are the only ones who seem to read the paper. Make it more enjoyable for those of us who do.

Lost bracelet

While volunteering at One Table on Thanksgiving, I lost a men’s gold bracelet. If you find it, call the paper.