This letter is in reference to the intensive care unit at Aiken Regional Medical Centers.

My father, Charles Dorsey, was recently admitted to ARMC and spent three weeks in the ICU. ARMC has received a lot of bad press, but I would like to say just the opposite.

My father did pass away, but it was not because he didn’t receive the best of care. Just the opposite, the medical team in the intensive care unit did an admirable job. In particular, I would like to give thanks to Dr. M. Zotovic, Dr. K. Kamel and Dr. G. Gordan. The nursing staff was so good and attentive to my father and our family during that tough three-week period. There was one nurse that stood out above and beyond for being so compassionate and caring. His name is Justin. Thank you to all of you in the Intensive Care Unit.

Debbie Dorsey-Stinson