These are the menus for Aiken and Edgefield counties for Dec. 10-14

Aiken County


Monday – breakfast pizza, apple-cranberry juice or ham biscuit or cereal, graham crackers, apple juice, milk

Tuesday –blueberry muffin, grape juice or cinnamon pancakes or egg/cheese sunrise stick, grape juice, milk

Wednesday – cheesy grits, graham animal crackers, orange juice or breakfast pizza or egg biscuit, orange juice, milk

Thursday – banana muffin, grape juice or sausage biscuit or blueberry pancake, apple juice, milk

Friday – pork sausage, pancake sandwich, orange juice or breakfast pizza or chicken biscuit, grape juice, milk


Monday – beef chili mac or entree salad w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, corn, peas, orange, diced pear cup or turkey w/noodles or breaded beef stick, glazed carrots, turnip greens, fruit mix, orange wedges, dinner roll, milk

Tuesday – popcorn chicken w/graham crackers or entree salad w/turkey and ham, three bean salad, garden vegetables, apple, mixed fruit cup or chicken fillet on bun or Totally Taco Snax, tossed salad, pinto beans, peaches, grapes, milk

Wednesday – barbecued pork w/bun or entree salad w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, collard greens, diced carots, pear, wild watermelon applesauce or hamburger on bun or Fiestada pizza, sweet potato puffs, baked okra/cauliflower, apple wedges, pineapple w/cherry, milk

Thursday – turkey w/stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes or entree sala w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, green beans, broccoli, banana, pineapple cup or turkey breast steak or popcorn chicken, corn on cob, blackeyed peas, applesauce, banana, dinner rolls, milk

Friday – sausage pizza or entree salad w/turkey and ham, graham crackers, carrots, pear, applesauce or cheese pizza or teriyaki beef w/rice, baked sweet potato, cauliflower w/dip, apple juice, kiwi, garden peas, Romaine salad, peach cup, banana, milk

Alternative offerings for middle and high schools are in bold type.

Edgefield County


Monday – jelly biscuit, grape juice, milk

Tuesday – assorted cereal, cinnamon toast, orange juice, milk

Wednesday – cinnamon raisin biscuit, apple juice, milk

Thursday – honey bun, juice, milk

Friday – blueberry pancakes, orange juice, milk


Monday – steak nuggets, potatoes w/gravy, glazed carrots, pineapple tidbits, fruit juice, breadstick, milk

Tuesday – submarine sandwich, lettuce/tomato/pickle, mustard/mayonnaise, potato salad, orange wdges, fruit juice, milk

Wednesday – chicken pot pie, broccoli w/cheese sauce, veggie cup w/dressing, fruit cup, fruit juice, milk

Thursday – taco salad, pinto beans, apple wedges, fruit juice, mini Rice Krispy Treats, milk

Friday – corn dogs, potato wedges, cole slaw, strawberry shortcake, juice, ketchup/mustard, milk