Where to find Scrapple

There are people who will deliver it from New Jersey. Brinkhurst Meats will ship it overnight.

Scrapple can be found at any Reid's store, though it may be labeled as liver pudding. That is how it is commonly referred to in the South.

Grice's Butcher Shop offers scrapple.

Scrapple is available at Reid's on York Street.

Scrapple can be found in the breakfast frozen food section at Publix. It is Habersetts, a popular Pennsylvania brand.

The Food Lion in the shopping center at Pine Log and Silver Bluff roads has the scrapple you are looking for. It's the same kind you find in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I know because I am from Baltimore.


I was going to work on Whiskey Road this morning and had to pull over because someone was tailgating me. Leave with enough time so you don't have to ride my bumper. I don't want to be in a wreck.

Trailer fire

How come there were no police officers that responded to the Oak Hill Trailer Park fire? Why wasn't that investigated?


I'd like to thank the people who bought my lunch at Auten's. I don't know you, but God bless you. Have a joyous and happy New Year.

No luminaries

I want to say I'm disappointed that Aiken Memorial Park isn't having a luminary service this year because of the new owner.

Traffic lights

The Augusta Chronicle is reporting that Augusta has problems with their traffic lights. The City of Aiken ought to sell all their old hardware since we don't know how to use it and try to recoup some of that money.