Three residents filed to be candidates for the vacant District 6 seat on Aiken County Council: Lynette Barton, John McMichael and Phil Napier.

The seat was held by Charles Barton before he resigned from Council with approximately two years left to his term.

Barton was elected Aiken County auditor on Nov. 6 and was appointed recently to fill the unexpired term of retired auditor Cyrus Spradley.

Filing opened Dec. 7 and closes at noon on Dec. 17.

Barton, McMichael and Napier, all natives of Aiken County, each seek the Republican nomination.

Lynette Barton

Barton, the wife of former Councilman Charles Barton, is operator of Barton Radiator and Electrical Service and a Realtor with Joe Horne & Associates.

Aiken Standard: Why are you running for County Council?

LB: I would like the opportunity to work with the citizens of our county along with council to help make a better Aiken County by supporting our sheriff’s department, EMS and the Economic Development Partnership in attracting new industries and promoting existing business growth.

AS: What skills/experience do you have that would help you if elected?

LB: I have 37 years of experience working in upper management with the last 25 years running a successful business with my husband. Also, the last seven years, I’ve been a Realtor. I presently sit on the Aiken County Property Tax Appeal Board and have for the last six years, the last two as co-chair. So, I’m very aware of the appeals process. You’re always going to have issues arise. The objective is to find the happy middle where both parties are agreeable.

AS: How will you represent the people of District 6?

LB: I will represent the district by being a local voice for the people. I will continue to work with Council to keep the lowest taxes possible while maintaining good workable relations with law enforcement, EMS, the administrator, and all department heads.

John McMichael

McMichael is a business development officer with Hutson Etherredge Companies. McMichael serves on the board of directors of the Aiken Rotary Club, the Greater Aiken Chamber of Commerce and Hitchcock Healthcare. He sits on the City of Aiken Planning Commission and has experience working with federal, state, county and city government in the commercial and residential restoration of properties after natural disasters.

AS: Why are you running for County Council?

JM:Having received encouragement from county and community leaders and giving much thought as to how I can make a difference in the community I was born in, it is with great anticipation that I look forward to the opportunity to see, meet and listen to the residents of District 6.

AS: How will you represent the people of District 6?

JM: I look forward to the opportunity to serve the residents of District 6. In the insurance industry, service to your customers means everything. Whether in my business or in church, I have always put others first. Serving on the Aiken County Council will open even more avenues for me to help others. I will be accessible, reliable and diligent in meeting the needs that may arise and affect the quality of life for citizens of District 6.

Phil Napier

Napier is the owner of Napier Hardware and volunteer chief of the GVW Fire Department. He served on the Aiken County Planning Commission and represented Council District 5 from 1999 until 2002. Then, the District 5 lines were redrawn, and he no longer lived in the district. Former Councilman Eddie Butler was elected to District 5.

AS: Why are you running for County Council?

PN: I just feel like our community and rural areas need representation. I am a public servant. I have proved I have a compassion for the people.

AS: What skills/experience do you have that would help you if elected?

PN: I know how Council operates. With my prior experience, I can hit the ground running. I won’t have to sit there and learn the ropes.

AS: How will you represent the people of District 6?

PN: I know what it is to treat people the way you want to be treated. I am very accessible; I am easy to get a hold of. I feel any tax money spent should be carefully considered. I was not in favor of a tax increase (when I first served on Council) and I’m not now. Economic development is the main goal. Jobs will bring the economy around.