Remember the spirit of the season

As I sat recently in a local coffee shop working on school assignments, I couldn’t help but overhear a couple of well-dressed 50-something women preparing and practicing their snappy response to people who had the audacity to wish them “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” I am an 18-year-old Christian who celebrates the birth of Christ my savior every year, yet I have to admit I was disturbed by the nastiness of this conversation I overheard in the name of defending “Christ”mas. I’m no tree hugger, mind you. I’m actually extremely conservative. I just for the life of me, in a time of war, hunger, disease and random killings, can’t understand how anyone would discourage people from greeting one another in a peaceful, well-meaning way. So, if you are Jewish, please feel free to wish me a “Happy Hannukah;” if you are African-American, I’d welcome a “Happy Kwanzaa” – it would even give me an opportunity to ask a few questions about something I admittedly know too little about. If you are Christian, wish me a “Merry Christmas.” If none of these apply to you, “Happy Holidays” or any greeting given in peace is welcomed and should be by anyone. I can guarantee you that Jesus is frowning upon anyone plotting a nasty response in the name of Christianity. So, Happy Holidays in the name of Christ.

Carter Lee Turner

North Augusta