Appreciates all the work on ‘Dancing’

On behalf of the Community Medical Clinic of Aiken County, and the Child Advocacy Center of Aiken County and our Boards of Directors we want to thank Betty Ryberg and all who made Dancing with the Aiken Stars possible, for their continued support of our agencies with another successful “Dancing with the Aiken Stars.“

Betty’s energy, contagious smile, commitment and love of the Aiken Community is evident in the amount of time she has spent assisting both the clinic and the CAC. She has not only encouraged community members to support financially, but she has helped bring awareness to the fact that many Aiken County residents are uninsured and trying to manage their chronic health conditions without the proper medical care. She also has been tremendously supportive of the CAC’s efforts to assist the abused and hurting children in our midst.

“Dancing with the Aiken Stars” would not have been possible without the volunteers who worked behind the scenes. We appreciate all of the time she put in helping before, during and after the event making sure tables were sold, decorating, displaying promotional materials, selling votes and ending the late night counting votes.

The dancers and dance instructors spent much time practicing and promoting the event and their work was evident in the response the crowd had to all of your wonderful dances.

Aiken has a creative and giving spirit that was evident as many “Aiken Stars” showed how bright they could shine and how generous they could be with their time and money. Both agencies greatly appreciate the continued support and look forward to another year of helping the low income/uninsured residents, and the abused children of Aiken County.

Mallory Holley, Community Medical Clinic

Gayle Lofgren, Child Advocacy Center