Bypass TalkBack

I agreed with the writer of “Talkback” who said the bypass needs one lane needs to be marked for 5 mph, one for 10 mph, etc., and, then one lane designed for people doing the normal speed limit. That is so true. The fact is, when it was first opened, it was a bypass; it was to bypass traffic. Then somebody seemed to think yeah, let’s build all this stuff on it, clog it up like everything else! Turn it back into the bypass it was meant to be.

Clemson loss

Since the Chick-fil-A bowl is being played at night, we can automatically chalk up the loss for Clemson up to that. They just can’t play football at night.

Mousetrap review

I went to see SAHS’s “Mousetrap” play on Sunday, and it was really, really wonderful. Please commend those young people and the director for their efforts. I have seen this play at a larger theater in Atlanta; it was not as good as at South Aiken.

Experian payment

I was looking at local news that said South Carolina has to pay Experian $12 million and have to pay $6 million by December. I’d like to know do the citizens have to pay $12 million for the mistake our governor made?

Political observations

The governor is finally coming clean about the tax hack. Haley should have been paying attention to our state instead of trying to not get our president reelected.