A former Army medic could spend up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to an attack that left a family member with 26 stitches in his head.

John Lewis, 23, lay in wait for his victim and then attacked him with a two-by-four.

“This young man slept in the bushes for three days waiting to hit me in the head,” the victim said.

According to the victim, an argument began after Lewis refused to purchase insurance for a motorcycle.

The victim claimed that Lewis waited three days at a location he knew his victim would return to. And when he did, Lewis attacked him with the lumber inflicting injuries to his head, arms and torso.

According to testimony, Lewis spent four years in the army as a medic and, upon his release, he sought to gain more medical qualifications.

On Monday, he admitted the attack, though said his victim was exaggerating.

“He’s exaggerating? Twenty-six stitches isn’t exaggerating,” Early said.

Lewis had already served 88 days in jail awaiting trial.

“I don’t think 88 days is enough for the pain I went through and am still going through. … 88 is just not justice,” the victim said.

Early described the attack as “a severe beating” before sentencing the defendant to a Youth Offender’s Act sentence not to exceed three years.