Ridge Spring-Monetta High School began a new and innovative class in 2010, Virtual Enterprise.

For 2012-13, the Virtual Enterprise class has grown by leaps and bounds, with a dramatic increase in enrollment and student enthusiasm.

VE is an in-school entrepreneurship program and global business simulation that draws on European tradition of apprenticeships, transforming students into business executives and classrooms into office settings.

VE is a highly motivated, student-driven learning environment. The objective for the class is to create a well-balanced, highly-motivated workforce, ready to go into the real world environment.

RS-Mís Virtual Enterprise is known as Ridge Enterprises, and it leases apartments to the other 28 VE communities in South Carolina. Each employee for Ridge Enterprises not only does a job each day but they get a paycheck, must lease an apartment, pay utilities, lease a car and carry on day-to-day real world living.

These students live the day-to-day life of young entrepreneurs, if only for that hour that they are in class.

Last year the class competed in three events at the state level: Website Design, Video Commercial and Most Creative Booth and came in fourth in all three events. This year, the class plans to enter four levels of the state competition, Web Design, Employee Handbook, Video Commercial and Consumer Booth categories.