Opposes nominee for commission

I, as well as many others, attending the City Council meeting this past Monday, was stunned to learn that Councilman Homoki has recommended that Jane Page Thompson be appointed to serve on the Planning Commission. What’s next for Aiken?

We saw during the Aiken County Probate Judge campaign, the propensity of Thompson to manipulate information or invent her own facts to fit her agenda. The citizens within the City of Aiken made known on Nov. 6 their opinion of Thompson having a role in government.

The Planning Commission plays an important role in guiding the future development of Aiken. The citizens of Aiken, as well as the other members of the commission, deserve to have an appointee that is straight up and forthright rather than self-serving.

If you feel as I do, I urge you to immediately contact your City Council member, the Mayor’s office and the City Manager’s office and express your concern. This appointment is scheduled to be presented to City Council for a vote at the Dec. 10 City Council meeting.

Eric Harper