Consider adding bike paths

In response to a recent letter to the editor regarding the widening of Hitchcock Parkway, I strongly agree that it is unnecessary and definitely a waste of taxpayers’ money to pursue the project. I would, however, like to address the comment in the letter that states that the bike path on Pine Log Road is never used.

I am a biker and I use the Pine Log bike path often along with other bikers and joggers. This bike path is designed very well for safety for the bikers and allows good clearance for both the bikers and drivers along this road. In contrast, we have had a number of bike fatalities and accidents because of unprotected roads and highways for the bikers in Aiken County.

If we are forced to accept the widening of Hitchcock Parkway I propose having the bike path installed the entire length of the road for the safety of both riders and the drivers. I also feel that the bike path would enhance Aiken tourism and give bike riders a chance to safely enjoy Hitchcock Woods.

Joseph E. Lofgren