Challenges statements by writers

Sometimes when I read the Aiken Standard I find the same old contributors turning up, over and over, such as A. G. Blackmon.

Blackmon’s latest letter refers to the attack on the U. S. Consulate in Benghazi, where four of our U.S. citizens were killed.

Blackmon states that investigators of this incident will “…perhaps become lost in a drama of epic proportions, when all they need to do is go straight to the White House for answers – we need to know which side our commander-in-chief is on.” And, “… he has proven, beyond argument, that he will lie to the world in their (Muslims) defense.”

Blackmon needs to tell us why he finds the president of the United States guilty of lying about this incident and, while he’s at it, tell us why he thinks that President Obama is not on our side.

Shifting gears, I would like to challenge the Saturday TalkBack writer who suggests that progressives threaten to remove any reference to Jesus Christ in the celebration of Christmas and that any reference to God’s word is not permitted in our stores. I’d like to know if you have some proof that God’s word is not permitted in any stores, or perhaps store owners use their own judgment in their use of holiday décor or ads. Please get back to us, and do so in a signed letter to the editor next time.

Jerrold Sundt