Criticizes story in Standard

I wanted to thank the Aiken Standard for covering the story about the medallion honoring Aiken Preparatory School and its history of nearly 100 years. It has been a significant although often unrecognized presence in the community.

While I applaud the article, I must point out that Kitty Gordon is the “head of school,” for Mead Hall, which is the surviving nominal member of the merger between the two schools. She could not now, nor ever have been, the headmaster of Aiken Prep, as the word is gender specific. Anyone with eyes can tell that she is, in fact, a lady.

One other criticism I have is the misspelling of preparatory. Owing to the colloquial mispronunciation of the word as “prep-a-tory”, the erroneous spelling has been used. Please. The pronunciation is pre-par-a-tory and so is the spelling.

My complaint might seem trivial in view of the economy, worldwide violence and that Justin Bieber is having girl trouble, but please, please at least wait until we die before using that misspelling.

Scott Lacher