Jeweler’s Loupe

I’d like to thank the Jeweler’s Loupe and the staff there. They are so friendly and have always been helpful and pleasant. It’s a pleasure to do business with them.

Power outage

Who do you contact about the power company shutting off the power to senior citizens during January and February?

Take a vacation

Nursing home workers get paid workers get paid double time for holidays when they’re working. They should be forced to take vacations.

Nuisance trailers

I noticed that Channel 12 did a story on the nuisance trailers on Oak Hill in New Ellenton. Someone should do a story on the nuisance trailers in the Melrose area. It’s bad, too.

Dangerous balloons

I agree with the anti-violence rally. However, they shouldn’t release balloons because it will kill the animals. And the animals have no one to speak for them.


Is there any dentist where someone can buy upper dentures? Mine are glued with superglue.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is for the benefit of the community, not military dependents. It provides toys for children who would not otherwise receive them.

Care for the woods

Hikers and joggers in Hitchcock Woods need to stay on the trails and not trample the fragile and limited wildlife habitat. It is part of the rules. Care for the woods while you are there.

Earlier movie times

I think the Aiken Mall Cinema would offer a movie in the mornings around 10 or 11 a.m. There are enough retirees that would love to go to a morning movie.

Nativity for believers

All believers of God should place a nativity in their front yard for everybody to see.