Clemson doesnít need to leave the ACC to show how good they are. Just look at the points they put up this year and only lost two games. They may have had a weak schedule, but thatís the way it worked out. They played some tough games and won those. Doesnít matter what league you play in, there were a lot of weak schedules played this year all around. Just look at the SEC schedules some teams had. Canít win them all.

Batteries included

I purchase Christmas presents and stocking-stuffers months before the season begins. This year, during September, I was blessed to find a distributor that would sell flashlights with batteries in bulk at a reasonable price. In November, I started giving the flashlights to family, friends and businesses that I patronize throughout the year. Give a child the gift of light, I have never forgotten the flashlight my grandparents gave me, and it was a timely gift. Regardless of gift to anyone, if it requires batteries, be sure they are included.

Two-parent house

One way to help stop violence in neighborhoods, letís try having two parents in the house. Two parents teach children to do something other than violence and give them a model. Letís try it the right way.

Light sentencing

Only 10 years jail time for interstate prostitution, kidnapping and rape? Thatís justice? It should be life for a ruined life. Legislators need to change the laws.