Highway 78 widening

This is about Highway 78. There was a plan many years ago to widen 78, which is a direct link to Charleston and is a heavily traveled road. You find four lanes in some of the smaller towns in the Lowcountry. This road should be widened instead of the bypass. I'm wondering what happened to the money that was set aside at one time for this project. It just fizzled out. I would love to know.

Yellow lines

I would like to know who I could call to put the yellow lines on the road behind Bank of America and Red Lobster. It's an accident waiting to happen. People are driving all over the road.

Palmetto X

In regard to the Palmetto X Gas Station on the parkway, I thought they were denied a permit to have access to the parkway itself, only 421, yet cars are entering and exiting on the parkway entrance. Is there some way to get someone to look into that?


Has anyone ever heard a lawyer say “yes” or “no?”

Bypass widening

This is in response to the TalkBack in favor of the widening of the bypass. I was not even born when the proposal for the bypass was done in the '70s, and I also did not live in Aiken, so how was I to know about the widening? And for getting such a good deal, how do you know if all those houses got good deals or not? The S.C. Department of Transportation should have controlled the building of houses so close to the proposed bypass. Since they did not, now your tax dollars will have to pay to buy all those houses back, and I hope we get a good deal.There are a lot more roads that need improvements instead of widening the bypass. But if they have to pave it and widen it, everyone should sign up to sue unless they do it right. We need sound barriers and Leyland cyprus.

Security breach

I see where the S.C. Democrats are calling for an independent investigation regarding the security breach in the state tax department, even though the governor has already admitted mistakes were made. What's really ironic is that their counterparts in Washington are remaining silent about the travesty that occurred in Benghazi and the obvious attempted cover-up by the Obama administration. What a bunch of political hypocrites.

Thank you

My husband and I would like to thank the person who paid for our dinner Thursday at Cracker Barrel. It was so thoughtful, and we really do appreciate it.