A draft horse may not be the image you have in your mind when you think about a rider/horse combination going down the center line. But, that’s just what happened Saturday at Viewpoint Dressage’s Holiday on Horse dressage show at Highfields Event Center.

Susan Quinn, and her 16.3 hands, 1,600 pound, pure bred Percheron mare Windermere’s Rebecca, or Becca as she’s known around the barn, went training level 1 on Saturday.

“We’re going to go into the qualifying training level 3,” said Quinn. “She’s a big gal, very sweet, with a good frame.”

The horseman rides with trainer/instructor Jill Allard at Elizabeth Carlin’s Evergreen Farm, LLC in Blythewood.

“She’s been to several horse shows, and has done very well,” said Quinn. “We just started showing at training level. I’m still in the first year of showing her. She has a great head for it. We enjoy it. We have fun with it. She’s an old fox hunter.”

The rider/horse combination did training level Saturday, finishing fifth in her class with a score of 62.19.

“I thought she needed to be a little bit more forward and consistent,” said Quinn. “I rode my first test a little tentatively. I was very cautious. You get a lay of the land.”

The expectations are a little higher for the show’s second test, said Quinn.

“I’m hoping I’ll ride more assertively and more boldly,” said Quinn. “It’s a qualifying test.”

An opportunity to compete this weekend provides Quinn with a chance to renew old acquaintances.

“Highfields is a great facility,” said Quinn. “When I get together with people I haven’t seen in a while, we celebrate our horses, and cheer on each other.”

The Viewpoint Dressage Holiday on Horse show continues today at 9 a.m.