Itís that time of the year when we begin to hear of the threats and removal of anything that suggest the mention of our Lord Jesus Christ. Seems as if our progressives, whoever they are, are convinced that a large majority of us believers are wrong. To the many believers, if the removal of Jesus, Christmas or any reference to Godís word is not permitted in our stores, letís choose to not support these stores and show how much this season means to believers. The lack of our support would make a difference.

Toys for Tots

The Marinesí Toys for Tots program is where toys are collected and given to military dependents. Thank you.


Very interesting to learn in the paper Tuesday that our chairman on the Design Review Board has been practicing conflict of interest by having his own residential construction business while also serving as chairman of the Design Review Board, which is a very clear conflict of interest. I would hope that he sheds this trait should he be fortunate to be elected in the spring.

Like Mayberry

I see in the bookings that thereís a man arrested often for public intoxication. Maybe they should give him a key to the cell like Otis in Mayberry. Then he could just let himself in and out.

Get over it

I think the people who want to widen Hitchcock Parkway must be from New York. Get over it, guys. Aiken is not about living in a New York minute. If I never have to drive the Westchester Expressway again, I will be grateful.

Keep Abby

I totally disagree with the people writing about doing away the Dear Abby in the Aiken Standard. Thatís one of the best parts of reading the Aiken Standard, reading about whatís going on in the world and what people are concerned about. So donít take it out, please.


Is Rice more than an ambassador for Obama? Is there something else involved?


I agree that they should widen the bypass to eight lanes. They should have one lane for 5 miles an hour, one lane for 10 miles an hour, one lane for 20 miles an hour and then one lane for regular traffic for normal people.


Playing under the lights doesnít make any difference for Clemson. Clemson needs a tougher schedule to convince anyone theyíre any good. What they really need is to get out of the ACC.