In one of Agatha Christie’s acclaimed mysteries, “The Mousetrap,” a newlywed couple has recently opened a guest house when, low and behold, one of their guests gets murdered.

Now it’s a case of whodunit and why, as South Aiken High School’s Drama Club performs the play today at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. in its school auditorium.

While some students might shy away from the writing style of the 1940s, Ramona Parsons, drama teacher and club supervisor, said her students were excited about the script.

“The kids loved it as soon as they read it,” she said, “We had (quite a few) come out to audition, which we were very happy about.”

The script calls for five males and three females, according to Google Reader.

Cast in the leading lady role of Mollie is senior Mae Santone.

While she’s been in at least four plays, this is her first lead role.

“My character, she is very nervous about starting the new place, very ambitious, excited about her new life with her husband but a little naive and has some secrets behind her,” she said.

Fellow senior Rachel Beeson, who plays guest Major Metcalf, has been in about five plays. The two have appeared in shows together before.

“I think we capture (the period) pretty well, honestly,” she said. “It’s in the 1940s. There’s some references in the play made about it, some things you don’t expect.”

After they graduate, Beeson hopes to go to Dartmouth College for linguistics, while Santone wants to become a nurse.

A source of pride for Parsons, aside from her troupe of actors, is her set crew.

The built-in set, with its white and purple, flowered wallpaper; French door on stage left; window split in two with an arc set above; and staircase that looks like it raises to another level, was primarily made by the students.

Austin Hallman had seven people, including a couple parents, help him build the set.

“We put up the structure of it, the frame of it, the four walls in on Oct. 16,” Hallman said. “It’s taken from then on, until basically now, to put everything up, and that’s all the glue on the walls and the spangling, the painting, the extra framing in for the two doors, the archway for the staircase and the window crank.”

And from there, the student prop crew of four, lead by Katie Wilms, took over.

Wilms’ production crew did tasks such as decorating the set and deciding on the furniture.

“Mrs. Parsons has a good eye,” Wilms said. “I knew I wanted wallpaper.”

Even making the costumes in the style of the 1940s was in the hands of around eight students, especially Samantha Cartin’s, whose dad had a big part in the set building.

“I liked going out and shopping and actually finding all the clothes, which is the hardest part,” she said.

Tickets for students and senior citizens are $5, and adults cost $6. All tickets can be obtained at the door.

South Aiken High School is located at 232 E. Pine Log Road.