“O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” — Sir Walter Scott

This hackneyed quote is now being exampled in the Benghazi investigation where tentacles are reaching throughout the Obama administration and pointing straight to the Oval Office itself. Four great Americans, deserted in the midst of battle by their superiors as they rendered their last full measure of devotion to their beloved country, will no doubt record Sept. 11 2012 as the blackest day in the annals of American history – the stench of shame will never go away.

The investigative agencies will no doubt spend millions of dollars and months of time following these tentacles, and perhaps become lost in a drama of epic proportions, when all they need to do is go straight to the White House for answers – we need to know which side our commander-in-chief is on.

Where there is trouble in the world, the Muslims are there, and yet time and again our president cannot bring himself to acknowledge this truth; and he has proven, beyond argument that he will lie to the world in their defense.

I would like to offer another hackneyed quote, “Truth crushed to earth shall rise again, while error writhes in pain and dies among her worshipers.” It is heartening that in their death these four brave Americans gave testimony that love of country is still alive, even as freedom is vanishing from the earth.

A.G. Blackmon