I just wanted to drop you a line in regard to an event that happened Wednesday.

Crossing the Lauren Street Bridge, my wife spotted a black and white rabbit huddled on the side of the bridge just outside the reach of traffic. Having owned a rabbit as a kid, she asked me to stop and check on him. Scared and shivering, we decided to try and catch the little fellow, and after five or 10 minutes of trying to throw my coat on him, a squad car pulled up with two Aiken Department of Public Safety officers – someone had called in the rabbit.

Together, the four of us chased him until another squad car arrived, this time with a lone officer directing traffic. The rabbit criss-crossed the bridge, in-and-out of traffic, and I stood down while the authorities did their thing. They eventually got him and will be taking him to the SPCA, where they are optimistic about his chances of getting a home. As funny as this was to watch, I must admit that this has greatly changed my opinion of some of the local law enforcement. To take the time to chase down a lost rabbit, going so far as to direct traffic, is truly honorable. That lady and two gentlemen are model police officers and are worthy of praise.

Kudos to Aiken Public Safety.

Gerad A. Blume