So, the Senate and House are back to work after seven weeks off. That crew is the biggest welfare problem in the country.

Backyard lost

To those who support the widening of Hitchcock Parkway, how would you like to lose half your backyard or even your home so someone can get down the road five minutes faster? Think about it.

Energy drinks

During my drive home after visiting family, I suddenly got sleepy. I stopped at a convenience store and purchased coffee and energy drinks, which worked well. If you become sleepy while driving, please take immediate action. A friend, known by many, lost his life due to falling asleep while driving. I am going to start carrying a couple of the small energy drinks in my car. In my case, a convenience store was available at the next exit, two miles away.

Paid vacation

The government is not the only place that gives its employees paid vacation. A lot of companies do and not everybody gets six-plus weeks of vacation. Your vacation is based on how long you have worked there, and it takes a long time to earn six weeks. It is not our fault that you work someplace that does not give you vacation or that you do not work outside the home at all. It is really none of your business, so why be so hateful?

Identity protection

I had no trouble registering to “protect my identity” online. But when my husband tried to do his on the same computer, the site wouldn’t allow him on, saying that we were already protected. Friends suggested either clear your “cookies,” or use another browser. I had used Firefox the first time, and using Internet Explorer did make the second one go through. Hope this helps someone.

USC v. Clemson

Of all the magnificent plays made by both Clemson and South Carolina players in Saturday’s game, why on earth did Aiken Standard choose to print only one Monday that showed a momentary lapse of judgment in the heat of battle by an outstanding football player? Aiken Standard deserves an unsportsmanlike penalty for that photo.

SRS plant traffic

I’m just wondering if anything can be done about the SRS plant traffic. It’s very chaotic and dangerous for everybody on the road. I have personally been in a serious wreck due to the mayhem, as have many others. There are just too many employees there to be released in a large wave. I think they should be released in smaller groups or make them take an alternate route.