Dogs for sled

To the person who bought a Christmas sled in April at the Talatha Garden subdivision neighborhood garage sale, I found two sled dogs in the attic. Please come by to pick up. Thank you.

Guardian angels

I’d like to thank the man and two little boys who came to Crosland Park on Monday with three truckfuls of furniture for my daughter, who moved into her home. She didn’t have any furniture, and I would just like to give out a warm thanks to the guardian angels.

USCA bridge

I want to know what happened to the bridge they going to build at USC Aiken. Was it all talk or what?

I love Abby

I just like to say that I love the Dear Abby column, and I hope it won’t be removed because a couple of people are complaining. I’ve read Dear Abby for years, and I think she’s current and up to date on all her answers, and some people don’t like to hear that.

I’ve been reading Dear Abby for more than 50 years, and, though the column is being written by her daughter now, I think she does an excellent job. She pulls advice from accomplished people on different subjects that required it. I’d be disappointed if Abby’s column was removed because it’s one of my standbys; it’s one of the reasons I take the Standard.


Bravo! What a magnificent night of Christmas music provided by the superb Aiken Concert Band at the Etherredge Center. How lucky the music lovers of Aiken are to have such talented and dedicated conductors and musicians.

Finding jobs

I think we’ll be amazed on Jan. 1 when the federal unemployment is cut off and a lot of these people will suddenly find jobs. It was convenient for them to not work when they had plenty of income coming in.


I’m in favor of widening the bypass even if they have to take backyards or even homes. People knew when they bought the place the bypass was going to be widened; that’s why they got such a good deal. Get over it.

Bad deal

Are we going to let this man convicted of cocaine, marijuana and fire arms charges go with less than 10 years in prison because of a plea deal? Something is really, really wrong with the judicial system.