Dislikes newspaper’s election coverage

I read with interest the letter from Norma Tate in the Nov. 16 Aiken Standard. I totally agree with her about the way the Standard failed to report the actual outcome of the election. It never ran a picture of the president on the front page or in any way actually acknowledged his re-election. In my opinion, this not only was negligence in reporting the outcome, but it showed disrespect for President Obama.

I realize that this is a largely Republican, highly conservative, small Southern town, but I would have expected better from the Aiken Standard. I guess it helps to keep in mind that one of our own re-elected congressional representatives set the standard for disrespect to the president that can now be safely followed by everyone else.

It seems to me that the democratic process inherently includes respect for the office of president and for the person holding that office. If his or her views don’t all coincide with our own, the popular form of government dictates that we give our support to that individual and work together for outcomes that are advantageous for all.

Somehow, since Obama has been elected, the idea has been to obstruct, disrespect and guarantee a gridlock that serves no one. It’s time to pull together to make our great country continue to work as we know it can. It shouldn’t take a national disaster for this to happen.

Aiken Standard, you could do your part.

Beatrice B. McGhee