Perhaps the power structure in Washington, D.C., could take a lesson from the Aiken City Council and the developers of two proposed hotels on Whiskey Road.

When Naman Hotels first presented its plan to build the hotels at next to Stratford Drive, residents in the neighborhoods behind the site were up in arms. The traffic from entrances and exits to the hotels would be a nightmare, they complained.

The developers and the Holley family, which owns the almost 6-acre site, listened.

Monday night, they came back with a plan that not only satisfied the Council members, but seems to be agreeable to the residents as well.

The result will be a possible $30 million impact for the area, almost 100 new jobs, a neighborhood that should continue to enjoy its peace and quiet, and the perks that come as quality development comes to an area.

Just look at what a little give-and-take can accomplish.