Miss Manners

I wholeheartedly agree with the person who recently suggested in TalkBack that the “Dear Abby” column be replaced. The “Dear Abby” letters often seem contrived or not relevant to real life; the advice offered is often not very insightful and sometimes well off the mark. Instead of “Dear Abby,” I’d like to see the Aiken Standard publish “Miss Manners,” by Judith Martin.

City Billiards supporter

I am a big supporter of City Billiards in downtown Aiken. I love the food, especially the burgers. The waitresses and cooks are wonderful, and the atmosphere is great. Several weeks ago, they made a change in how they brew their ice tea. City Billiards, please go back to the old way for your customers.

Clemson fan

To the person talking about night games at Clemson, they have won night games there. Also, Florida State comes to mind and so does Georgia Tech when all the talk was about Calvin Johnson. If I remember correctly, he was shut down in that game. You can’t win them all whether playing day or night. You just do the best you can, and hope everything works out right. Clemson did lose that game Saturday, but I don’t think the lights had anything to do with it. They both had a good season this year. Win or lose, day or night, I am still a Clemson Tiger Fan.