Man detained for disorderly conduct

A 44-year-old man was detained for disorderly conduct after he led sheriff’s deputies on a short foot chase in North Augusta on Monday.

Officers saw the man walking on Edgefield Road near Sycamore Street carrying a black and orange duffel bag and approached him due to the high number of vehicle break-ins in the area, according to a sheriff’s report. As officers approached him, the man threw the duffel bag to the ground and took off running.

He led officers on a foot chase from Sycamore Street into a heavily wooded area nearby, according to a report. Officers eventually captured him and detained him due to his “behavior and a strong smell of alcohol beverages” emanating from him.

The man told officers he had been drinking earlier and that he ran because “he suffers from anxiety and didn’t know what to do,” according to the report.

Inside the bag were four power drills, a tube cutter and other tools, and several lengths of coated copper wire, all of which the man said were his.

Pedestrian injured in Beech Island

A pedestrian in Beech Island was reportedly injured after a motorist reached into the pocket of her shirt to grab prescription pills and drove off while still holding onto her shirt, according to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman told officers the suspect, whom she apparently knew, pulled into the end of her driveway on Oakdale Drive while she was outside using her phone, according to a report. She asked the man why he was there and told him he needed to leave.

The man reportedly asked for pills as the woman approached his vehicle, then grabbed the woman’s shirt pocket where her pills were and drove off while still holding onto her shirt, according to the report. She suffered minor injuries.