An Aiken man was detained for disorderly conduct after he reportedly entered and disrupted a church service by shouting profanity inside the sanctuary on Sunday.

Lashawn Maurice Miles, 35, of Maurice Terrace, was charged with disorderly conduct and failure to comply and placed in the Aiken County detention center, where he remained incarcerated on Monday, according to public safety reports.

Miles allegedly entered Second Baptist Church on Hampton Avenue around 11:30 a.m. Sunday and walked around inside the church sanctuary several times, according to a report by the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

“He appeared to be looking at the women’s purses that were on the church pews,” the report stated.

A deacon approached Miles and asked him to find a seat and sit down, according to the report. Miles began using profane language and turned away from the deacon. Miles continued using profane language as several church members guided him toward the door, according to the report.

An Aiken Public Safety officer saw Miles as he left the church and told him to stop, according to the report. Miles reportedly “threatened” the officer and continued to walk away.

Miles began running and led officers on a short chase from Hampton Avenue to Laurens Street to Columbia Avenue, where an officer tackled him to the ground, according to the report. He continued struggling as officers tried to handcuff him.

Teddy Kulmala covers the crime beat for the Aiken Standard. He is a graduate of Clemson University and hails from Williston.