To the woman who was very impatient with me on Sunday for not turning left at the intersection of Newberry and Park, one can turn left at a circle (roundabout) but not at a square. The city does need to adjust the lights or put sensors at the lights where Chesterfield, Newberry and Laurens intersect with Park, Richland and Barnwell.

Night games

It might be best if the game scheduler at Clemson scheduled more daytime games, because Clemson just does not play well at night under the lights. If you go back historically, you’ll see they have not won the games at night.

Take a vacation

In reference to vacation time – I and one person who worked at SRS for over 30 years never got a paid vacation. I just want to let people know that not everyone out there gets a paid vacation, and the ones who do are very fortunate. I think that, if someone’s company is willing to give them a vacation, take it. If not, save up for one and take one anyway.

Dear Abby

The Aiken Standard should drop the Dear Abby column by Jeanne Phillips now. For years she has been giving nothing but bad advice, but the advice Saturday was over the top. You have a 15-year-old girl who’s writing Dear Abby, asking for advice on her 18-year-old boyfriend who wants to get her pregnant. Now on the surface the advice sounds good, but the reality is that she leaves out one important thing – the girl is only 15 and the boyfriend is 18. Hello? Statutory rape? The real advice should have been “Call the police. Now.” Drop Dear Abby and find something better.


I think there is no question that the 118 bypass should be widened. Anyone who has gotten stuck in a train of cars traveling at 30 miles per hour going from the Southside to Aiken-Augusta Highway knows what I’m talking about.