Thanks for the meal

To the young couple that paid for my meal at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Wednesday, I would like to thank them, and God bless them.

Lye soap

To the person that asked about lye soap, visit Week’s Farm and Garden Supply, 1718 Richland Ave. There, you will find homemade lye soap.

Not a bad idea

Sen. Graham’s idea to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants is not a bad idea. He just wants them to pay their fair share for all the benefits they’re sucking out of the government without paying anything. Once he legalizes them, they have Social Security numbers, tax numbers, are legally entitled to vote and are not submitting absentee ballots and are able to fully get out there and work. That’s how you increase revenue.

Paid vacation

I like the way some government employees gripe, groan and carry on about how much spending the government does, yet they receive paid vacation. This, to me, is wasteful spending, especially when they are getting six-plus weeks vacation.