Dear Scott: I read your article about painting your dog’s nails. So many salons have manicurists and massage therapists. Is it better to go to a nail salon where they do only nails or a masseuse who practices alone? Is this just another opportunity for the owner to make more money from their clients by having these people available and eager to provide services? I sometimes feel pressured to agree to more than just a haircut when these others are available. I am not saying that you want to provide nail service for my dog. But that would be nice and would be a treat to have her there in the salon with me. Have you considered doggie nail service? Do you need a license for this? Are these features at a salon a good thing?

Answer: Unfortunately, with the problem of fleas, ticks and people with allergies, salons are not permitted to fluff and puff a client with their best friend, if their best friend is the dog. It is comical that you inquire about adding a doggie nail service yet ponder the aspect of the intentions of a salon that offers multiple services.

Many people like the convenience of the one-stop-shop salon and spa. Yes, this is just another opportunity for the owner to make more money. Although stylists and salon owners love every aspect of our jobs, it is very hard to get along without an income. Like any business, we must make money to keep the lights on and food in the fridge.

Opposite of what most people think, overhead is high in the salon business. Many people think that there is no cost for giving a haircut, so the money goes right in our pockets. Good quality products are expensive. Commercial property rent is high. Add phone, water and electric bills. It is only reasonable to group everyone together in one location to help share the expenses.

Even though the services are available, it doesn’t mean you should feel like you need to participate in everything that’s offered.

Dear Scott: Does hair grow faster in the summer or winter?

Answer: Hair actually grows slightly faster in the summer months. There is an increase in the body temperature when the weather outside heats up. This causes a boost in the circulation of the blood that stimulates the growth of hair.

Dear Scott: My girlfriends and I were discussing your column, and we would like to know if you buy your columns from someone and run it in the newspaper to increase your business?

Answer: That is hysterical. I love my job and have spent a lot of time and money on my education to be the best at what I do. I have an excellent following and write these columns for the newspapers as a creative outlet. It would be beneath my professionalism to deceive people like that.

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