By John Kirkman

Questions need for road project

There are some issues to be addressed before over $26 million are spent to widen the U.S. 118 Bypass between Silver Bluff and Route 1.

1. This is about a five mile stretch of road. You can make the trip in either direction in under seven minutes by just following the car in front of you. There are traffic jams if there is an accident. The current projections of increased traffic are being made by people who do not travel this road. There must be some plans for new stores or plants or a major expansion of USC-Aiken that are being held back from the citizens. What are they?

2. Has anybody one a cost vs. benefits study? This is a lot of public funds to be spent on a very questionable need.

3. The country is on the verge of another recession. People cannot sell their homes elsewhere to move to this wonderful community. There are four homes for sale on my short street. Cities and states cannot print money. Is this the best use of these funds?

4. The current plan calls for expanding the current right of way to provide bike paths on both sides of the expanded highway. There is a bike path on the Bypass on the east side of town. No one uses it. A right of way is supposed to be for the common good, not the good of a very small minority. Why is this additional right of way needed?

Nothing is broken. Why fix it? If we do this and the speed limit is increased considerably, you can make the five mile trip in six minutes. What’s the rush?

John Kirkman