Linda Allen is one of the world’s most decorated horseman, but she derives great satisfaction from working with young horses when they’re starting out, and in trying to give them a good start. The same holds true when she’s working from the ground with good and sympathetic riders. Allen is conducting a clinic, organized by Ann Thal’s Snaffles, Inc., this weekend at Lisa Darden’s facility on Stiefel Road.

An opportunity to work with a number of the same riders who have participated in previous clinics, gave Allen a chance to see how those horsemen have progressed in the time between her visits to Aiken.

“I get to know them a little bit, so it’s not as if you’re starting from scratch,” said Allen.

The clinic also provided Allen with a chance to have a closer look at amateur riders and their horses, ones they’re getting to know, and what they’ve done since their last competition. The professionals rode different horses at the clinic than they had previously allowing Allen to get a broader perspective of what they do well.

“I think it’s also more relaxed for the professionals because they know what to expect,” said Allen.

A horse’s ability to jump is something that’s inherent, said Allen. Their rideability, experience, and ability to handle different situations will improve over the course of time.

“That’s where riders can help them in speeding up the process,” said Allen. `

The horseman enjoys working with anyone who’s interested in becoming a better rider, and wants to do more with their horse.

“I enjoy working with all levels,” said Allen.

Many of the best horses are like children, she said.

“The more sensitive, the more intelligent, the more they’re aware of their surroundings, the easier it is to mess them up,” said Allen. “The ones who go through life where everything is easy, are easier to deal with, but very often don’t go as far.”

The clinic continues today. Auditors are welcome at the event, but a donation of $25 is suggested, with the proceeds from the auditors fees going to Friends Of The Animal Shelter.

There will be private lessons and semi private lessons available on Nov. 26 and Nov. 27. The cost will be $100 per lesson for those who’ve participated in the clinic, and $140 for those who haven’t.

For more information about the clinic, you can access the following website,